eur-laghettoWater springs again in the Giardino delle Cascate (cascades garden) on the shores of the artificial lake in the Roman borough of Eur. The garden, example of modern landscape garden, was designed in 1961 by great Raffaele De Vico; however, it was closed shortly after the inauguration and used only, sporadically, as a movie set. Now, after 56 years and careful restyling works, tourist and Romans alike are finally able to enjoy it again.
Architect Franco Zagari, who worked on some essential ‘complements’ of the restyle, said that “The Giardino delle Cascate, is perhaps the most interesting modern Italian garden of the second half of the twentieth century.”
A harmonious mix of jumps and jets of water, cliffs, natural stones and plants of different specie. All this with a design the origins of which can be visibly traced to the Italian tradition, characterized by symmetrical and classic regularity. However, its function is not merely aesthetic: moving the water, cascades and fountains contribute to the oxygenation of lake waters.
The reopening to the public – every day from 7am to 8pm – comes after the repair of the Hashi bridge by Zagari, which had been vandalized. The pedestrian bridge over the central cascade, connecting the shores becomes integral part of the popular paths that is possible to enjoy near the lake.
Dario D’Innocenti, President of the 9th Sub-municipality, commented the garden saying that it is “Part of Eur enhancement, a jewel set in sub-municipality that is proud of its greenery.” Pointing out that 120 square kilometers of the 9th Sub-municipality, on a total area of 180 square kilometers, are of undeveloped areas.
Ilona Catani Scarlett
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