The setting is the multi-faceted sights and sounds of the Maremma, a coastal area in western central Italy that is packed with historical, archaeological and naturalistic riches. Its breathtaking natural landscapes typically consist of the gentle verdant slopes and wooded hills with unique hues and colors that seem to define the very identity of this place.

In the heart of this region, overlooking the splendid marina of the ancient Tuscan seaside town of Castiglione della Pescaia, one can find a safe haven in the elegant 4 star hotel L’Approdo. Here relaxation is the absolute priority and this family-friendly establishment is well-known to both locals and tourists for the exceptionally warm welcome it extends to its guests. With 48 rooms equipped with all the necessary comforts for fully enjoying the possibility to wind down and recharge your batteries far away from the daily stress of city life, L’Approdo is a perfect and privileged point for starting out on a journey of discovery of the rich and varied attractions of the Maremma region.

The medieval town of Castiglione della Pescaia, in the province of Grosseto, owes much of its fame to the outstandingly high environmental quality of its crystal-clear seas, so you can safely bathe in these clean waters and enjoy the beautiful golden beaches that run along the coastline like the luminous brush-strokes of a masterpiece created by an inspired painter. But there is much more to see in the area. You can start by admiring the seafront and harbor with its picturesque red lighthouse and move on to explore the old town. As soon as you travel a short distance inland you will be immersed in a never-ending flow of enchanting landscapes, with beautiful groves of Mediterranean pines and hills covered with forests. The Maremma is like a Russian doll or matryoshka: every time another layer is opened and another prospect is revealed, the visitor is rewarded with a new aspect to be enjoyed, a new face to fall in love with, and unprecedented new panoramas of beauty.

In the evening Castiglione della Pescaia welcomes its visitors and tourists who appreciate its lively local nightlife, with many small bars, venues and typical restaurants enclosed by the town’s medieval walls, without a single note sounding too loud or out of place in the dreamy and relaxing harmony of this charming setting. The L’Approdo hotel then welcomes its guests back to its comfortable beds, only to start pampering them with the utmost care the next day, in a constant soft caress that is the trademark of the very best hospitality that the Maremma can offer.

Brando Pavoni

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