lippi ranieri trapThe contemporary soccer map can fill Italy with legitimate pride. If you connect the dots of the various national championships it becomes obvious how many teams that have good chances of winning the titles are led by Italian coaches: Bayern in Germany (Ancelotti), Chelsea and Leicester in England (Conte and Ranieri), Spartak Moscow in Russia (Carrera). To these we could add the”adoptive” Italian Zidane with his Real, on its way to yet another Liga.
It is indeed the presence of Zidane in the group to reveal a pricise connotation of this Italian “reconquest” – they are all part of the Marcello Lippi’s lineage.

Ancelotti aside, all the above mentioned champions are his students. In fact Lippi himself has been finally enthroned – as coach of the national team – at the pinnacle of Chinese soccer with a contract worth 20 million a year for three years. Even, Fabio Cannavaro,one of his pupils is the coach of the emerging Tianjin Quanjian.
Giovanni Trapattoni explaines that the secret weapon of the Italian coaches is the meticulous attention with which they work. They are favored by having been themselves players at high international level, but most of all their technical and tactical knowledge and their group management skill are second to none. They know what they have to do to win and they adapt to the country where they go.

With regards to the 2016 Italian coach prize given to Ranieri he says “Claudio gained an outstanding achievement because he led a team that was fighting for survival to the victory of the title. He was great.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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