The renewed Anteo Palazzo del Cinema (Cinema Palace) will be inaugurated on September 8 in Milan following a 5 million Euros investment, but it will be much more than a refreshed version of the old Anteo.

Not only a 10 screens multiplex, it will have several libraries, where it will be possible to stop even without buying the ticket for a projection, tables where to study, work, or arrange meetings even though you do not want to watch a movie, restaurants and cultural spaces. The Mayor Beppe Sala will be present at the inauguration and for a day all the movie tickets will cost 2.5 €.
“It’s a dream come true,” says Lionello Cerri, managing director of Anteo, “We started from a single room to arrive at this project.” He does not like to call it a multiplex, just because it is not just a multiplication of screens and seats. The Palace of Cinema will be a place where people can meet, where they can find many forms of entertainment, like light music and opera concerts, and theater performances. “It will be a place where to grow culturally, thanks to meetings and courses. And also a place where to have fun.”
The restaurant will expand with an outdoor area, and there will be a bar and a literary café managed in collaboration with Eataly. Among the novelties, there will be a movie theater where it will be possible to eat while watching a movie, at breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Indeed, the new Anteo will be open every day from 10am to 1am. It will be possible to go to the movies with the children, and not just because the programming will open to them as well, but also because there will be dedicated personnel to entertain the youngest while parents watch a movie.

Older children will be guided in the discovery of the world of movies with mini courses (editing, photography, etc.) of the duration of a movie, with the possibility to attend more structured courses on the same topics. Cerri also pointed out that there will be a 30 seats theater where it will be possible to request the screening of any present and past film.

The same theater will be rented out for private parties with the possibility to screen private videos.

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