Italian espresso is made from toasted and ground black coffee-beans, and whether it comes from the big coffee machines at the bar, from the ubiquitous traditional simple domestic caffettiera or is extracted from sachets and capsules, it boasts an undisputed world record of popularity that is due to an Italian tradition, as well as a production on an industrial scale that is continually developing and improving.^445F086D16DDE1527492039D17CAA3B35BDC3B2390B7823A6D^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr
This genuine Made in Italy product has a potential that knows no bounds, thanks to the authenticity, tradition, quality and lifestyle that are associated with it. Many stories of love and passion involving coffee can be told, closely connected with the most beautiful Italian cities and with people’s daily lives. This is certainly the case for the brand La Costarica Caffè that since 1902 has represented the best quality throughout in the history of its manufacturing activity. ^78B35B14BAE6AB01AD81410A479FB35C62D3EA7F936463EFD0^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrIt began by supplying shops in the suburbs of the Northern Italian city of Turin, moving on to small supermarkets in the area, and then to the best local restaurants and cafeterias, soon impressing everyone and becoming well known due to the unique flavor of its products. Everybody in Turin remembers the historic blends of “Delizia” and “Bella Napoli”, with their special taste and aroma that are so evocative of yesteryear.

Still today, the high quality of this coffee is guaranteed by the traditional coffee roasting plant, which uses an “old-style” Probat machine dating back to 1960, which ensures that the ancient roasting method is maintained. ^5B9AF0C81183B43089E9EC389DFA370F7ACE71BFDCF63E113E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThe company is a family-owned business that has carefully tried out various special beans and different mixtures over the years, and the entire company has a great passion for this work, which represents a strong point in the market.

Therefore, with its pride in producing roasted coffee with a short local supply chain, La Costarica Caffè brings the real Italian espresso directly from the producer to the consumer.


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