From Brazil to Italy, all the events celebrating the iconic Italian food

The 19th World Pasta Day, on October 25, celebrates the food symbol of the Mediterranean diet. For this edition, celebrations are held in São Paulo, with an event attended by 250 delegates from the world of pasta: institutions, pasta manufacturers, manufacturers of dies and machinery for the production of pasta, scientists, journalists, and food opinion leaders. In Italy, thanks to the Pastifici Aperti (open pasta factories) initiative, launched by the AIDEPI (Italian Association of Dolce and Pasta Italiane Industries), from October 23 to 28, it is possible to visit seven pasta factories to witness the intriguing process of pasta production – from the mixing of the dough to the extrusion and shaping. However, on October 25, pasta will not be celebrated only in Brazil and Italy, thanks to Twitter, everybody – experts, chefs, journalists, bloggers, and pasta lovers around the world – is invited to take part in a virtual ‘spaghettata al pomodoro’, enjoying a dish of spaghetti with tomato sauce and posting about it using the hashtags #WorldPastaDay and #Spaghetti. Moreover, with The Power of Pasta initiative, many Italian and worldwide pasta manufacturers donated to the local associations involved in the fight against hunger a total amount of pasta sufficient to prepare over three million dishes.

According to the data processed by AIDEPI and IPO (International Pasta Organization), between 1997 and 2016, pasta production increased by nearly 57%, rising from 9.1 to 14.3 million tonnes per year. With 48 countries (+77%) producing over 1,000 tonnes, and 52 of them consuming at least 1 kg per person per year, while in 1997 only 30 countries reached this threshold. The market data that has been confirmed over the years is the indisputable leading position of Italy, which produces 25% of all the pasta eaten all over the world.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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