Florinda Klevisser_Trieste al femminileThe new guide illustrating the imaginative city of Trieste from the point of view of women is launched in bookstores: the precious volume is titled “Trieste al femminile” (t.n. Trieste from a female point of view) – series “Guide al femminile” (t.n. Guides from a female point of view) – and is written by the geographer and writer Florinda Klevisser.
Klevisser wrote the sixth guide of Morellini Editore’s Guides from a female point of view series, an editorial series aimed at the enhancement and knowledge of some of the most important Italian, and foreign, cities through the narrative of the most influential local “pink pens”.

After Milano al Femminile by Anna Di Cagno (at its second edition), Torino al Femminile by Rosalba Graglia, Napoli al Femminile by Rita Covello, New York al Femminile by Elisa B. Pasino and Firenze al Femminile by Marina “Morgatta” Savarese, even the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia now has its spokeswoman throughout the national territory.

Klevisser’s book bares the soul of a historically “feminine” city: Trieste’s port and commercial vocation has often led men away from home, thus allowing women to develop their own identity and independence, which continue, still today, to represent and characterize them today. Moreover, in the 18th century, it was still a woman, Queen Maria Teresa of Austria, to give Trieste a vital and innovative impetus that, in a short time, turned the city into a sort of incredible “melting pot” open to every race and social class, rich and elegant; determining in this way the development of the medieval nucleus next to the new “Borgo Teresiano”, with its refined architecture that reminds of the Viennese atmosphere.

Florinda_KlevisserA beautiful, elegant, safe city with many corners to discover, and to learn to know and love. Trieste will fascinate who visits it for the first time and who returns to discover something new in this great little Italian jewel near Slovenia and Croatia: from the Molo Audace to the Barcolana, from San Giusto castle to the Faro della Vittoria, but also the Miramare castle, the Opicina tram and the Pedocin. Without forgetting to let yourself be seduced by the unfailing coffee, whose aroma reigns supreme in the streets, so much that Trieste is recognized as the “world capital” of the tasty drink.

Klevisser’s book brings out from its pages of the most profound and authentic substance of the city of Trieste through vivid writing that makes the city immediately present in the reader’s eyes.

The guide contains also a very special itinerary through local fashion and design artist written by the blogger Chiara Marchi, known as Miss Claire, and evocative b&w photographs taken by Lara Perentin.

Florinda Klevisser, geographer from Fiume is so much in love with Trieste to considered herself a true adoptive daughter of the city. She arrived in the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia to spend there 18 very important years of her life. She teaches urban and regional geography in the Politics of territory course held at Gorizia campus of the University of Trieste. In December 2011, EDIT (Fiume) released her first book, “Viaggia con me…spendendo poco” (t.n. Travel with me…with little money), arose from her travel blog describing a trip around the world, with a limited budget. In 2016, she began the collaboration with Morellini Editore, which leads to the publication in September of the same year of the “Il fantasma del consolato” (t.n. The Ghost of the Consulate) story in the anthology “Monaco d’Autore” (t.n. Signature monk). She currently lives in Munich, where she continues to write.

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