ubi amor maria pia bianchin 1Maria Pia Bianchini in 2009 founded Ubi Amor Wedding Destination to promote Italian culture in US and China where the Made in Italy is synonymous of luxury and beauty. Ubi Amor carries out its mission by organizing weddings for a wealthy international customers that can afford to spend 100,000 Euros just for the flowers. Complex and articulated events are planned to the smallest detail and include rehearsals, inspections and the ability to solve last minute problems. Mistakes are not allowed. Ubi Amor pays special attention to the choice of clothes for the couple – by high fashion Italian designers -, the preparation of the banquet – signed by Italian starred chefs -, the flower arrangement – designed by Italian florists -, the ceremony mood board – conceived by Italian designers -, the music – played live by Italian bands -, the photographic and video service – by award-winning Italian artists -, the wedding planning, and the honeymoon, obviously, in Italy.

The business model is based on creating a network of Italian brands with the direct involvement of American and Chinese agents, who, given their knowledge of the market, help Ubi Amor to harmoniously combine local traditions and Italian glamour.

In the US, for example, many second- or third-generation Italian young married American, keep family traditions in the wedding banquet by introducing typical foods and wines from the region of origin of their grandparents.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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