Kinder ice cream bowls, sticks, cones and biscuits will be distributed in 2018

Ferrero announced that next year Kinder will become an ice cream distributed in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in collaboration with the Anglo-Dutch Unilever. The Italian company will give Unilever a license to use the brand, while the multinational – which, thanks to brands such as Algida, Magnum and Grom owns already 21% of the global ice cream market – will single-handedly manage production and distribution. The new line of products, called Kinder Ice Cream, will have four sizes: bowl, stick, cone and biscuit.
Ferrero commented: “This is an important step to consolidate our competitive position in the chocolate and candy market”, adding “To take full advantage of this new step, we have sought out Unilever’s support and expertise.”
Ferrero has been exploring and experimenting for quite some time with the aim to expand its products’ reach, and it had already looked at the ice cream sector, but it had never reached the distribution stage.
Among the novelties, it is said that Ferrero is planning the opening of other Nutella Cafes like the one inaugurated in Chicago in May, which sells products with the famous chocolate spread as a base ingredient; the next one could be opening soon in NewYork.

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