Coincidentally with the 30th edition of the ‘Biennale Internazionale d’Antiquariato di Firenze’, Fabrizio Moretti and Sergio Risaliti organized once more ‘In Florence’, a great contemporary art event in Piazza della Signoria. The protagonist of this second edition of the event will be Swiss artist Urs Fischer, one of the leading artists on the world scene today.

For ‘In Florence’, curated by Francesco Bonami and on show until January 21st, Piazza della Signoria will provide the setting for Fischer’s ‘Big Clay #4’, an imposing metal sculpture. Bonami says that the work, about 12 meters tall, “is only seemingly monumental. In fact, it is a monument to the simplicity and the primordial nature of the human gesture as it molds a shape. Closer inspection of the work’s aluminum surface reveals the artist’s fingerprints. The sculpture is an enlargement of small pieces of clay modeled by the artist in his workshop. It is a monument to dexterity and to the simplest, most humdrum creative action”.
On the Arengario of Palazzo Vecchio, Fischer placed two human figures, ‘Fabrizio’ and ‘Francesco’, transforming them into candles that will slowly be consumed throughout the duration of the exhibition to symbolize the human transience and the lasting quality of art. The two figures are those of Francesco Bonami and Fabrizio Moretti, seen by the artist as two citizens of the world whose roots lie in the local territory and its culture, two portraits that become abstract bodies as the wax is consumed. The two figures will be on display for about a month, until they have melted completely.

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