we-wear-culture-la-nouvelle-application-mode-de-googleGoogle Art & Culture director Sidh Sood said: “With the ‘We Wear Culture’ project on Google Arts & Culture, we invite everyone to discover stories that are the basis of the clothes we currently wear. You might be surprised to discover that the jeans or the black dress in your wardrobe have a hundred years of history. What we wear is authentic culture and, often, a work of art.”
In order to make the above possible Google Arts & Culture partnered with 180 cultural and fashion institutions from 42 countries to organize 400 online expositions, for a total of 30,000 photos, videos and other documents, with a special focus on delving into the lesser-known stories behind each item. These include a series of virtual reality films that allow visitors to explore significant objects in museums collections– like the iconic black dress by Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe’s high heels – in 360 degree, high-resolution — closer than what is possible in actual museums.
Google has also wrapped in a special feature that makes handy use of its Street View function; with it, ‘We Wear Culture’ made it possible to take virtual tours of in-real-life expositions and museums. One of them is Prato Textile Museum, which is housed in the restored rooms of an old textile factory and has on a collection of around 7,000 ancient and contemporary fabrics, garments, company samples, tools, and machinery. The collection of ancient fabrics includes exhibits from Pre-Columbian and Egyptian times through to 20th-century artistic fabrics.
We Wear Culture is available to explore online, or to download in app-form on iOS and Android.


Ilona Catani Scarlett

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