e-Novia president Vincenzo Russi defines it as an “Ultra lightweight autonomous vehicle”. Developed jointly by e-Novia and the Politecnico di Milano, Yape is a robot mail carrier capable of carrying small parcels that from December 4th will be used in a pilot project in Cremona.

Yape moves on 2 wheels equipped with autonomous electric engines that minimize energy consumption. 60 cm in length, 70 in width, 80 in height, for a weight of 15 kilograms, it is suitable for moving in the narrow and irregular spaces of Italian and European cities, both on sidewalks – at a maximum speed of 6 km/h – and on cycle lanes – reaching 20 km/h – with an autonomy of about 80 km.

It is equipped to avoid obstacles and interact with the environment. Face scanning recognizes sender and recipient, and, during transfers, the sensor system allows traces a detailed map of the road surface, recording the state of the sidewalks together with the position of holes, and the tram tracks one. All of this is possible thanks to four LiDARS 3D sensors capable of ‘seeing’ up to 35 meters away. It has four cameras, each with a 120-degree visual cone and image analysis capabilities, paired with eight proximity sensors.

At the moment the use of such vehicles is not regulated by law in any European countries, for this reason, e-Novia, to test them is relying on the open-mindedness of local authorities, such as the one of the  Municipality of Cremona where Yape will be hosted for a trial period.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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