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Come with us to discover where elegance meets style, where tradition meets innovation, where the past meets the future. Let us show you the best of Italy.

Since 1997 All about Italy has been the foremost Italian magazine bringing the culture and products of Italy to the United States and Germany.

It is a unique publication, which focuses on the best traditions of Italian culture, paying particular attention to art, history, music, design, folklore, tourism and fashion.

For over 20 years All about Italy has promoted Italian excellence, focusing on the country’s cultural and artistic heritage as well as its natural beauty, and constantly reminding its readers of the many reasons why Italy is appreciated and admired all over the world.

Thanks to its international distribution, ever since its inception All about Italy has been an exclusive platform through which to spread the word of Italian manufacturing and entrepreneurial excellence worldwide.

This magazine dedicated to “Made in Italy” products is continually updated, as it adapts to cultural and economic changes, and it opens the way to the most promising markets for Italian products.

Meet Our Members

Paolo Del Panta

Founder & CEO

Franco Del Panta

Editor in Chief

Elisabetta Pasca


Alessandro Petrone