FAI reopened its location for the Italian Republic Day

FAI reopened its location for the Italian Republic Day

Finally, the country’s priceless historical, artistic, and environmental heritage is once again accessible

On June 2nd, FAI (Italian Environmental Foundation) reopened the iconic places it manages throughout the country. Coming at the end of a long and strict lockdown, the organization’s celebration of the Italian Republic Day has been particularly appreciated. Thus, visitors had the opportunity to spend the solemn day in wonderful places that represent the country’s priceless historical, artistic, and environmental heritage.

Villa Della Porta Bozzolo – Varese

To give as many people as possible this chance, FAI gave up entrance tickets and relied on the generosity of visitors. Their aim was to celebrate all together, after the long closure, the strength of Italy.

A resourceful country that finally begins to look at the future with enthusiasm and hope.

However, to allow the sites to duly implement safety measures the visits required reservations and so they will for the near future. In this way, each site will be able to guarantee social distancing. Moreover, since the reopening, all healthcare workers that visit the organization’s sites or participate in its national events will receive a free annual FAI membership card.

On the special occasion, FAI’s president Andrea Carandini invited people to take part in the recently launched census of the ‘Luoghi del cuore’ (Places of the Heart). “On June 2nd, we celebrate the first Italian universal suffrage and the rebirth of Italy in the form of a Republic. On the occasion, this year, FAI proposes a spontaneous universal suffrage to civil society that allows citizens to vote for their favorite places. These places represent the face of the homeland that we prefer today and that we intend to restore and redeem. So, after protecting ourselves in the past months, stay at home, we can protect mother earth and her landscapes whose cornerstones are the monuments of nature, history, and art. What gives meaning and beauty to life is the past we see and live in – together with what we read and listen to. This also incites people to plan a future that is at least worthy of past civilizations and possibly better.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

Photos from the FAI Facebook Page