‘Italia On The Road’, Lonely Planet’s live tour

‘Italia On The Road’, Lonely Planet’s live tour

Until July 24th, a team of the travel guides publisher will explore the beauties of the Belpaese from north to south

Few countries can compete with Italy in terms of attractiveness. The cities of art boast countless monuments and internationally renowned masterpieces. Traditional gastronomic dishes are imitated all over the world. And the territory is a majestic mosaic of snow-covered peaks, headlands overlooking the sea, enchanting lakes, and remote valleys. This year visiting the Belpaese means helping its recovery after the important crisis triggered by SARS-Cov-2. The Lonely Planet team sets off and travels all over the peninsula, from north to south.

The hills of Urbino, Marche

In 3 weeks, and 22 stages, they will venture into 7 regions to discover their most known and most unusual places. ‘Italia On The Road –  Live Tour‘ started yesterday from Mont Blanc to arrive, on July 24th, in Matera European Capital of Culture 2019. Authors, influencers, video makers, will tell Italy through images, footage, and stories.

They will also reveal their backstage, the work required to seek, collect, and choose the information that makes up the famous Lonely Planet guides.

In Valle D’Aosta, the live tour took off from the highest mountain in Italy, natural parks, and ancient Roman remains. In Piedmont, the Lonely Planet‘s travelers will enjoy superb wines and sunset walks in the UNESCO World Heritage Hills of Langhe, Monferrato, and Roero. They’ll continue to Emilia-Romagna to admire the Po in Ferrara, Ravenna’s art, and the sunrise on Rimini’s beach. From there they’ll head to Marche to hike in the Sibillini Mountains and breathing in the hidden beauty of the villages in Raphael’s homeland. Then they will take us to Tuscany to relax in Versilia’s elegance, before dipping in the sea at Isola d’Elba and exploring Maremma’s wild parks. In Campania, they’ll follow an unusual itinerary among the secrets of Benevento and Irpinia. And finally, in Basilicata, they’ll climb the Lucanian Dolomites before taking in the majesty of the Sassi di Matera and see the sea again.

It is possible to follow the whole tour on lonelyplanetitalia.it/livetour2020.

Ilona Catani Scarlett