Welcome back Bruschetta, queen of all summers

Welcome back Bruschetta, queen of all summers

Summer is just around the corner and in Italy, as widely known, it’s time for the beach season to commence.

One’s desire for lazy days to be spent on sunny beaches, going in and out of crystal clear waters, increases with the rising temperatures. By the sea, just as much as by the lake or the pool, one feels an irresistible temptation to laze on the water’s edge having a snack and a refreshing drink.

Be it the typical “vacation” (the summer one, which, in Italy, could last beyond a couple of weeks) or an out of town weekend, there is nothing better, and more authentically Italian, than feasting on delicious specialties while being caressed by the summer breeze.

After all, from the most famous places such as the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri and the Cinque Terre, to lesser traveled ones, the likes of the Calabrian coastline, Gargano or Argentario, the Bel Paese can boast an extraordinary abundance of breathtaking views which inevitably become an ideal setting for culinary adventures. These destinations differ in terms of landscapes and traditions. There is, however, a culinary specialty they all share when the weather is warm, and which always has a place on Italian’s dining tables: her majesty, queen Bruschetta.

The Bruschetta is Summertime’s undisputed queen. It is a versatile, fresh and quick to prepare dish that knows no regional boundaries. It goes very well with the need of being outdoors and taking-in the full flavor of the most fun season of the whole year.

The true origins of the Bruschetta are lost in the mists of time. It apparently already existed among Etruscans and ancient Romans who used to enjoy this dish. Its name would appear to derive from its resemblance, in terms of shape and roughness, to the “brusca”, which is the brush used to clean the coat of horses and oxen. Anecdotes aside, just as for many of the most popular Italian culinary specialties (within and beyond national borders), the Bruschetta stemmed from the need of not wasting food and giving leftover bread a new life. Farmers, therefore, toasted leftover bread over the fire and flavored it with the most basic ingredients: salt, oil and garlic.

One of the most popular appetizers in the world, and its infinite variations that followed, was therefore born from uttermost simplicity. Our favorites? Those that bring together strictly fresh, and seasonal, ingredients with Fratelli Beretta’s cured meats in order to create a perfect combination of tradition and flavor.

After all, the commitment of eight generations to bringing the unique taste of noble cured meats of the Italian tradition to homes around the world has made Fratelli Beretta the longest-running family business in the tradition of Italian delicatessen that exists today. Somewhat of a small miracle in terms of quality, craftsmanship and innovation which gives life to formidable recipes and pairings.

“Quality is a family tradition” reads the group’s motto, the driving force behind a 200-year-old tradition which never ceases to amaze. So, enjoy an all-Italian summer with their gourmet Bruschettas. Try all of them, and find out which one is Your absolute favorite!