Gaia Ceccaroli, AKA The True Power of Glam

Gaia Ceccaroli, AKA The True Power of Glam

What does an Italian soccer star and one of the most renowned U.S. television comedians have in common? A talent, Gaia Ceccaroli.

Let’s take a step back. It is the summer of 2020, former Juventus soccer player Alessandro Del Piero — owner of an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles — donates hot meals to the St. Joseph Center. This center is a non-profit organization which has been committed to supporting the L.A. homeless for the last 40 years.

During the lockdown, starting from the month of April and again in May, help made its way from his restaurant N10 __to the Children’s Hospital and to St. Patrick Church & School in Los Angeles.

It’s Gaia Ceccaroli herself who recounts how the initiative with St. Joseph Center came about.

Gaia Ceccaroli has made relationships and solidarity her daily commitment

“I was at the Emmys, and as I was chatting with Alessandro Del Piero, I mentioned the St. Joseph Center, a charity I had initially heard about from Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney,” Ceccaroli said.

Gaia’s husband, Will Burke, is a director at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.

“Alessandro asked me straight away if he could be of help, and together, two weeks later, we were ready to distribute his restaurant’s delicious dishes to the many people helped by this organization.”

If one didn’t know Gaia’s history, this story could appear as a random incident. Gaia is a young woman who has made relationships and solidarity her daily commitment.

An international PR manager, Communications Manager, Fundraising and CRS Consultant for non-profit organizations and corporations, Milan-born and raised Gaia Ceccaroli has been living in Los Angeles for quite some time now.

She has one primary objective: doing good by involving her two countries, Italy and the United States.

“Take risks, help others, and be confident of your connections,” Ceccaroli said.

That’s the mantra you can read on her social media and on her radiant face, the face of someone who has built principles and intentions on a solid background of skills and experience.

That’s because Gaia already has an impressive number of international collaborations under her belt. From CharityBuzz, the world’s number one place for online charity auctions, to the Francesca Rava Foundation, which focuses on children in disadvantaged conditions in Italy and around the world, to The Franca Sozzani Fund, a preventive genomics initiative in conjunction with Harvard Medical School.

Finally, passing through Convivio, Gianni Versace’s charity event since 1992 that — by way of top-brands solidarity shopping — raises funds for the fight against AIDS. The list could go on and on.

Yes, glamour, though aimed at making the planet an increasingly ethical and sustainable place.

Ad maiora, Gaia!

Martina Morelli

Photo credit: Chris Singer