Andrea, from London Trader to Agricultural Entrepreneur in Brianza

Andrea, from London Trader to Agricultural Entrepreneur in Brianza

At the age of 32, Andrea had already lived two lives. In his first life, he was a young professional swimmer and a resourceful student. He graduated with a degree in Banking Sciences in Milan and then continued his studies in London with a Master’s Degree in Financial Mathematics and Trading.

He worked as a trader in the London banking world for years, a life which was stimulating and characterized by professional growth.

In 2017 he realized he missed his homeland’s rivers, lakes, mountains, vegetation and fresh air; in other words, the treasure he had left behind. Thus, he said farewell to skyscrapers and to the greyness and frenzy of the city, and went back to Italy.

Andrea and his two lives from London to Brianza

He resumed cultivating; a passion passed onto him by his father. From that moment onwards, everything changed. He started studying again, and dedicated months to learning cultivation techniques. He took a course in beekeeping, and during one of the workshops he discovered the eighth wonder of the world: pairing fruit with honey.

In 2018, he established his own farm to grow small fruits that were to be transformed into compotes of the highest quality. He wished to create a unique recipe for the market. This is where his second life begins, that of The Banker’s Jam. A name that says it all:

a London mentality and the uniqueness of a product that was launched in the market.

A distinctive brand, imbued with experience, energy and a very strong ambition.

The Azienda Agricola Tagliabue Andrea is a farm that is located on a 1.5-hectare plot of land in Besana in Brianza, the heart of a small valley enclosed within green hills. Its whereabouts guarantee a perfect climate for cultivation; a haven that is always fresh and sheltered from the wind.

This is where fruit sweetened with just honey, and not refined sugar or other sweeteners, was born; the very first, and only one, in the Italian market.

A valuable, healthy and 100% natural product.

Sveva Riva