Monte Bondone, at the Very Heart of Trentino

Monte Bondone, at the Very Heart of Trentino

Trento — in Trentino-Alto Adige, Northern Italy — has the charm of alpine cities which combine cultural heritage with winter enjoyment.

The calling of the snow, the well-equipped pistes and the woods immersed in silence is felt all the way to Trento from nearby Monte Bondone. It only takes a few kilometers to find oneself immersed in an enchanted landscape which is completely different from that of the city, despite it sharing the winter magic with the famous Christmas Market.

Easily reachable by public transport and ski bus, Monte Bondone is a natural terrace at 2,000 meters of altitude. It offers a spectacular view over the whole of Trentino, spanning from the Brenta Dolomites to Adamello.

Monte Bondone is a natural terrace at 2,000 meters of altitude

For ski lovers, the ski area has 15 slopes, more than 70 hectares of skiable surface and 20 kilometers of very wide pistes, which are equipped with artificial snow.

Night skiing is an experience that should not be missed out on. Skiing under the stars, or at sunset, while in the distance, admiring the city dotted with lights, is a truly evocative and emotional experience.

A new fixed lighting system using LED technology allows for a powerful light. This, in turn, translates into greater visibility of the ski area and considerable energy savings thanks to innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

At the foot of the Three Peaks of Monte Bondone — covered with rich alpine vegetation — is the ideal place for cross-country skiing.

It is, however, also perfect for snowshoeing and long walks surrounded by the spectacle of the Dolomite peaks and immersed within the silence of its snow-filled woods.

Monte Bondone is also a well-equipped destination for snowboarders, with a program rich in events and competitions taking place in the Snowpark throughout the whole season.

Margherita Pituano