Forexchange: one website, many services when travelling in Italy

Forexchange: one website, many services when travelling in Italy

With 70 branches throughout Italy, Forexchange offers a dedicated service that supports tourists at every step of their journey.

From booking euros prior to the departure to collecting the money upon arrival in Italy, Forexchange guarantees extended assistance throughout the traveler’s stay, be it in buying train tickets, telephoning and visiting museums.

With the warm season around the corner, and the upswing in tourism that will affect the whole of Italy, the national scene has seen the emergence of a new opportunity for U.S. travelers (and non-Shenghen travelers in general): being able, prior to departure, to conveniently book the euros they’ll need without being charged any commission. Non-existent until now, this service is a great opportunity, especially for incoming U.S. tourists, but not just them. Forexchange offers a comprehensive tourism service, capable of assisting travelers every step of their journey in “the Boot.” The service, in fact, goes well beyond the straightforward currency conversion, by offering a range of opportunities aimed at meeting the needs of foreign visitors to Italy.

Forexchange, to book euros without paying commissions

The main strength of this service is being able to book euros on the website and pick them up at one of 70 branches located throughout the country. A number of branches are located in strategic locations such as major airports, train stations and historic city centers. By just heading to the Italian branch chosen at the time of the reservation, the system allows tourists to exchange currency without paying any commission. This is a unique service, as other agencies allow Italians heading abroad to book foreign currency, while Forexchange offers the opportunity to those arriving into Italy from countries outside the Schengen area.

Prior to departing, U.S. tourists can therefore book euros, commission-free, from the website and then pick them up at one of the many branches available in the country once they arrive in Italy. Furthermore, at a cost of 5 euros, those who book euros will also be able to use the “self back” service. The self back service allows one to change the euros that are left over at the end of the trip back into the currency of origin, with no commission and at the same exchange rate that was applied in the initial transaction.

The other services to assist you during your stay in Italy

In addition to currency exchange, Forexchange offers a number of tourism-related services that will make U.S. tourists’ vacation in Italy more carefree and pleasant. These include purchasing Trenitalia and Italo train tickets, obtaining mobile-phone SIM cards with internet connectivity (through the operator Vodafone), museum tickets, and sightseeing tours of major art cities aboard the typical red double-decker buses. Forexchange also offers a VAT refund service addressed to those that are resident or domiciled outside the European Union so they may save on their shopping made in Italy.