All about Italy: for almost 30 years Brand Ambassador of Made in Italy excellence

All about Italy: for almost 30 years Brand Ambassador of Made in Italy excellence

“Uomini e Donne della Comunicazione” conducted an interview with Paolo Del Panta, President and Founder of All About Italy. The recent celebration of the first National Day dedicated to Made in Italy has represented a peculiar opportunity to showcase the history of the “All about Italy” platform that has been celebrating the excellence of Made in Italy since 1997.

On April 15, the anniversary of the birth of the Italian genius par excellence, Leonardo Da Vinci, we celebrate the National Day of Made in Italy, dedicated to the exaltation of creativity and excellence in the Belpaese, promoting the value and quality of the works of ingenuity and Italian products.

Del Panta, on the occasion of the National Day of Made in Italy, told us about the innovative formula of the project, developed through high-level collaborations, prestigious events and cultural initiatives, a strategic and selected distribution and the bet to focus on the concept of experience and digital in the shortlist of solutions offered, in order to support the growth and evolution of the Italian System outside the national borders at 360 degrees.

How did the All about Italy project start and how did it grow and expand?

The story began back in 1997, when, together with Franco Del Panta, my brother and partner in the group, we decided to launch the first issue of All about Italy, an editorial product in English, reserved for the promotion of our country and addressed to the US market. At the time I was seen almost as a visionary because no one focused in a concrete and strategic way on Made in Italy as a brand to be thoughtfully exported abroad. On Madison Avenue at the time there were very few windows of Italian brands, hitting the bull’s eye still seemed little more than a dream. Instead, we believed in this type of bet right from the start, investing considerable economic and creative resources over time. Today we know we were right and, consequently, the entrepreneurial, cultural and productive forces of our country can find in the All about Italy brand a run-in, reliable and stimulating partner. The success of the magazine has been explosive: from New York it has expanded to the nerve centers of the USA and so, subsequently, we have brought the format to other countries, focusing in Europe on the DACH area, also rewarded by the recognition as ambassadors of Made in Italy in Germany, arrived in 2012. In 2019, I experienced the very strong emotion of receiving the title of “Knight of the Star of Italy”, which represented yet another confirmation for the efforts made for my country, for having grasped and believed in advance in certain commercial potential. This is why we continue to think at least an hour ahead in the future, to always be one step ahead, to grow further and intercept, before others, new trends and original perspectives.

What kind of reader is addressed to such a peculiar publication as All about Italy?

All about Italy has a privileged channel of communication with a group of readers who are characterized above all by appreciating the beauty and exquisitely Italian know-how. The magazine, characterized by high-quality materials, artistically inspired photographs and a refined and recognizable layout, is also aimed at a network of important players in the market, also configuring itself as a cutting-edge B2B tool, potentially suitable for supporting the sales networks of companies at an international level, also acting as a luxury gift for top clients and prospect customers. One of the strengths of All about Italy is undoubtedly its strategic distribution, which includes a series of exclusive events, an articulated network of luxury boutiques and the best Italian restaurants in the most important cities of the reference markets. Recently, we signed an agreement with the airline Lufthansa, under which the magazine will be available in the very exclusive First-Class Lounges in Frankfurt and Munich. On the digital side, then, the web magazine can be used on fundamental platforms such as Readly and PressReader, present internationally in luxury hotels of prestigious chains, in the VIP lounges, in airports, cruise ships, clubhouses, thus helping to increase our offer.

What are the initiatives offered to Italian companies that want to undertake an export activity?

Certainly, now more than ever, there is a great demand for Made in Italy in the world and this puts us in an advantageous position from a design and commercial point of view. Our brand puts editorial, cultural and marketing initiatives on the table, focusing on the strong idea of Italy as an experience: our goal is to encourage synergies between brands, multiplying business opportunities by making us ambassadors of Italian style and feeling. Our digital services are at the heart of the promotion system, with tailor-made solutions designed to increase the value of the Italian System. Culture is one of the main assets, as demonstrated by the numerous events organized in these almost 30 years, for example the initiatives with first-level artistic and musical institutions, such as, among many others, the Alta Pinacoteca di Munich and the Arena di Verona. We are working on a very prestigious event that will be held on December 12 in Munich, linked to the 4th edition of the Gala Italia, a classical music concert with symphonic music by Luigi Cherubini, in particular, the Missa Solemnis, and the extraordinary participation of Caravaggio’s Tableaux Vivants. Another important collaboration, which places us at the center of the food & beverage market scene, is the one with the well-known chef, entrepreneur and television presenter Lidia Bastianich, our partner for many years. With Lidia, considered the most important representative of Italian cuisine in America, we help Italian companies interested in penetrating the American market, supporting their growth path.

In the context of the All about Italy format, what specific weight do the events and cultural initiatives promoted by the platform have?

Spreading Italian culture has been our mission for a long time: we want to bring together Italian businesses with foreign audiences. Therefore, social and cultural initiatives have a special, I would even say central, place in our business and our mission. I like to recall, among the many events organized, the series of Gala evenings “Barolo and Truffle”, in which the top clients of the main Italian fashion brands took part, and the cycle of classical music concerts Gala Italia, for which we were also awarded a commemorative medal by the then President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

What will be the next goals of All about Italy?

Obviously, we aim to expand the services offered, both on the digital and B2B side, to be able to help companies wishing to establish profitable relationships with partners and consumers abroad in an increasingly comprehensive way. We will also increase the number of cultural, artistic and food and wine initiatives, weaving and consolidating virtuous exchanges between Italy and the USA and Germany. Italy and Italians must change their attitude to underestimating themselves: Italy is ready to regain the leading role it deserves on a global level. All about Italy has always looked far ahead, for almost 30 years now, and today continues with conviction to offer itself as a privileged and effective platform to accelerate the change taking place, supporting Made in Italy, strong in the winning combination of tradition, experience, and innovation. The Italian experience has become an irresistible universal need, and we will not shy away from the desire to satisfy those who want to experience Italy in all its facets.