Venice Boat Show inaugurated: innovation and sustainability in focus

Venice Boat Show inaugurated: innovation and sustainability in focus

The fifth edition of the Venice Boat Show, an event celebrating excellence and innovation in the Italian and international boating industry, opened on the morning of May 29.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by distinguished representatives of various institutions who emphasized the importance of this event for the maritime economy and for promoting Made in Italy worldwide. The Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, initiated the speeches by highlighting Italy’s leading position in boat production. “We are the world’s top producer of boats,” he proudly stated. “This edition features 270 exhibitors, 216 of whom are Italian, and is distinguished by its commitment to sustainability, with the presentation of water-propelled vessels.”

Following this, the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, provided significant data about the boating sector, which has a value of 4 billion euros. “The Show spans a vast exhibition area of 300,000 sqm outdoors and 5,000 sqm indoors, with 300 boats on display,” he noted, indicating the event’s scale.

Admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto of the Italian Navy drew attention to the importance of the blue economy, which accounts for 25% of Italy’s GDP. “Italy is a maritime nation,” he asserted. “The underwater dimension is also crucial, as 99% of energy products and electronic transactions occur underwater, yet it remains little known.”

Matteo Zoppas, President of the Italian Trade Agency (ICE), highlighted the agency’s role in promoting Made in Italy abroad, with a network of 87 offices in 74 countries. “Italy’s total export is 635 billion euros, with the naval sector representing 9.1 billion, of which 50% is destined for export,” he stated.

Valentino Valentini, Deputy Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy, described boats as “floating embassies of Made in Italy.” “Made in Italy is not just about showcasing our excellence,” he added, “but it is a mission, a forward-looking endeavor.

Finally, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Antonio Tajani emphasized the need to accompany the ribbon-cutting with concrete commitments. “Exports account for 40% of Italy’s GDP,” he reminded. “Made in Italy is a tool for the country’s growth, and Italian entrepreneurs around the world are fundamental to our economic development.

The inauguration of the Venice Boat Show thus proved to be an occasion to reaffirm the central role of Italian boating in the global economy and to outline the guidelines for a future characterized by innovation and sustainability. With such a significant presence of exhibitors and visitors, the event confirms itself as an exceptional showcase for Made in Italy and a growth engine for the entire sector.

Simona Gazzaniga