Naples: The World's Best City for Food

Naples: The World's Best City for Food

Naples has recently been crowned the best city in the world for food by the prestigious travel magazine Time Out. This recognition highlights the extraordinary culinary tradition of the Neapolitan city, which continues to enchant and delight visitors from every corner of the globe.

The capital of Campania is a true paradise for food lovers. The gastronomic journey in Naples inevitably begins with pizza, the undisputed symbol of the city. Here, the margherita pizza can still be enjoyed in its most authentic and affordable form, with the famous “a portafoglio” version available in many establishments in the historic center at a surprisingly low price.

But Naples offers much more than its iconic pizza. Neapolitan cuisine is rich and varied, with traditional dishes that tell stories of ancient recipes and cultural influences. One of the signature dishes is the Genovese, a slow-cooked meat and onion stew that requires hours of gentle cooking to reach perfection. Then there’s the Neapolitan ragù, distinct from the more famous Bolognese ragù for its richness and intensity of flavors.

For those with a sweet tooth, Naples is a true treasure. Neapolitan pastry is famous for its delights, from the sfogliatella, with its delicate filling of ricotta and semolina, to the babà, a rum-soaked dessert that has become an emblem of the city. Every bite is a journey through centuries-old traditions and authentic flavors.

Time Out, in its ranking, also highlighted the vitality and energy of Naples’ neighborhoods. The Pignasecca neighborhood, with its mix of popular and bourgeois atmosphere, is described as a place where one can truly breathe the authentic soul of Naples. Here, among crowded alleys and open-air markets, are some of the city’s best restaurants.

Another highlighted neighborhood is the Spanish Quarters, known for its liveliness and being the nerve center of city life. Among the must-visit establishments is Santa Maradona, where Andrea Viviani celebrates pizza, soccer, and the legendary Diego Armando Maradona. For a more refined and creative culinary experience, CU.QU. /cucinadiquartiere offers a modern reinterpretation of traditional Neapolitan dishes.

Naples, with its cuisine that blends ancient flavors and innovation, confirms itself as the world capital of good food. Every dish tells a story, every neighborhood offers a unique experience. It is a city that celebrates food as an integral part of its cultural identity, making every visit an unforgettable experience for the palate and the soul.

by Alessandro Creta