The artisan jewelry atelier in the center of Florence

The artisan jewelry atelier in the center of Florence

Florence is not just iconic monuments and exclusive stores, but also historic neighborhoods imbued with charm and artistic heritage. After walking across Ponte Vecchio, one is immersed in an authentic atmosphere. The shadow of Palazzo Pitti shelters artisan workshops and artists’ studios that bring back to life the ancient Florentine spirit made of creativity, curiosity and irony.

Among these, in the birthplace of the Renaissance, there’s Atelier Orafo di Beatrice Filippini, or, simply known as Beba; fine craftsmanship capable of creating unique and sought- after jewelry. As a brand, Beba Gioielli, which dates back to 1995, represents Atelier Orafo’s Fashion Jewelry line. It stems from the passion and dedication of a Florentine artisan, and artist, who has constantly experimented, and succeeded, to combine the made in Italy tradition with innovation and modern charm. Craftsmanship at the service of classic contemporaneity.


Each and every Beba Gioielli jewel is a work of art in its own right; one-of-a-kind. It is the product of a creative process that begins with an idea and a sketch on paper. Beatrice then uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to turn metals and other materials into objects which have striking designs and unique shapes, be they fictional or real-world inspired, including animals and plants. In describing her creative philosophy, Beatrice was quoted saying “I want to make people happy, even if just for a moment”. As a matter of fact, her jewelry, is designed to convey joy and lightheartedness onto those who wear them. There’s an interplay of colors, shapes and materials in them that expresses personality and enhances individual beauty.


Beba Gioielli is known for its meticulous attention to detail and precise creations, which are traits that have always distinguished the Florentine’s craftsmanship. Each item is handcrafted, starting with high-quality raw materials and without using any semi-finished components. Particular attention is also paid to environmental impact. Indeed, in Beba Gioielli’s world we can also find bags made of eco-leather derived from apple residues, while metal scraps resulting from the processing are reused in order to reduce the amount of waste.


From the Habitat collection’s butterflies and dragonflies, which capture nature’s beauty and details, to custom gold-plated bronze and resin bijoux, each Beba Gioielli collection tells a story and conveys an emotion. Moreover, for those who love a touch of originality, the Arcobaleno (i.e. Rainbow) collection comprises bronze jewelry with an incredible iridescent finish

Film enthusiasts, on the other hand, will no-doubt appreciate the Coup de Cinema collection with which they may relive scenes from timeless masterpieces. Beatrice’s creativity and imagination, however, do not end with fashion jewelry. They are, in fact, further exalted in jewelry through Atelier Orafo’s world and creations, the ultimate expression of which is the ZOO collection made of gold, diamonds and precious stones.

The ZOO collection represents the essence of Florentine Goldsmiths’ tradition: each piece of jewelry here is as unique as the pearl that inspired it and the person who will wear it. With unparalleled beauty, harking back to the rich legacy of Baroque pearl-inspired jewelry passed down through the centuries, each piece tells a unique story.


Beba Gioielli, therefore, is much more than just a brand of jewelry. It is a place where elegance, fun and research interweave to give life to unique and unforgettable creations. A world of passion and made in Italy craftsmanship that captivates the hearts of those who love to stand out with style and personality.

Beba Gioielli:
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