Ca’ di Dio: Venetian gem imbued with history and luxury

Ca’ di Dio: Venetian gem imbued with history and luxury

Venice Lagoon opens into a breathtaking spectacle at Riva degli Schiavoni, where the VRetreats collection, VOIhotels hôtellerie brand, has one of its timeless resorts:  Ca’ di Dio. This luxury hotel was recently awarded The Michelin Key and is unquestionably one of the brightest gems of the Venetian hotel scene.

Venice, with its myriad facets and countless marvels, is now even more illustrious with the addition of Ca’ di Dio. Located in the picturesque Castello District, along the historic Riva degli Schiavoni, this stylish and elegant gem boasts a centuries-old history and a hospitality tradition that dates to the 1200s. Today this tradition has been revitalized and shines brighter than ever, thanks to the thorough and meticulous restyling recently carried out at Ca’ di Dio.

So let us dive into this exclusive resort that, like a precious gem, is set in that stunning crown that answers the name of Venice.

Ca’ di Dio, the ancient refuge finds modern purpose

Once a refuge for pilgrims and women in distress, Ca’ di Dio comes back to life after in-depth works that have turned it into a luxury hotel. The comprehensive renovation and restoration project was directed by Patricia Urquiola. Patricia supervised the interior design project and artistic direction and was capable of blending rigor and refinement, the two souls of Venice, into the modernized ancient residence, thus revisiting the concept of hospitality.

The hotel is part of VRetreats, an exclusive collection of unique properties that embody a strong connection with the territory in places that have made the history of luxury tourism in Italy. Each property of the collection is imbued with art and culture, and at Ca’ di Dio guests can enjoy a fully immersive experience in panoramic terraces, silent cloisters, and lush gardens that harmoniously blend with the Venetian context. Part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World collection, Ca’ di Dio was recently honored with The Michelin Key, a prestigious award that acknowledges the most exceptional hotels worldwide. This further solidifies its reputation as a luxury destination for discerning travelers. This new chapter in the extensive history of Ca’ di Dio not only commemorates Venice’s glorious past but also enhances its present. In this unique retreat, history blends with luxurious modernity and a touch of sophistication.

66 rooms overlooking the lagoon

Ca’ di Dio offers 57 Suites and 9 Deluxe rooms, each designed as a tribute to elegance. The rooms are decorated with neutral tones and fine Italian design to blend functionality and beauty. The suites feature spacious living areas and luxurious marble-clad bathrooms, making them ideal for ultimate relaxation and well-being.

Exclusive views of the lagoon, Isola di San Giorgio, and Rio Ca’ di Dio enhance the overall experience of the residence. In completing the description of what appears to be a “Venetian house” providing warm hospitality, one cannot fail to mention the two “Altana” terraces and the gardens. The Altana terraces offer guests a stunning view of Venice. The three gardens, nestled within the courtyards, provide peaceful and tranquil oases for guests to reconnect with themselves in harmony with the environment, creating an immersive experience overall.

A refined culinary experience with a Mediterranean touch

No luxury hotel facility may be deemed complete without an equally sophisticated fine dining experience. Ca’ di Dio does not deviate from this axiom so much that it boasts an equally refined and elegant culinary offering. The gourmet restaurant Vero offers a gastronomic journey through Venetian flavors that Chef Luigi has expertly revisited in a modern key. Born in 1984, Chef Lionetti is originally from Capri. He has brought the taste, scents, and aromas of Campania and the Mediterranean to the Venetian lagoon.  With his technique, cleanliness, lightness, and intensity he has managed to blend flavors in a way that has made them hard to resist. Three are the tasting menus: Incontro (7 courses), Arsenale (5), and the vegan tasting menu Vero (4). There is also the option to choose the “Make Your Choice” menu, where diners can pick two courses and a dessert from the tasting menus.

No exquisite cuisine can exist without a great team working and supporting the chef. Vero staff has selected with the same meticulous attention used to identify the best ingredients. For a comprehensively exquisite culinary offering, there is also the Essentia restaurant. Located inside the splendid internal courtyard, enveloped in an oasis of quiet, it is an ideal place to start the day enjoying a delicious breakfast. As for the perfect place to sip a wide range of drinks, be they refined aperitifs or after-dinner cocktails when admiring the breathtaking view of the city, there is no better place than Alchemia Bar.

Spa, gym, and the other available services

In addition to the charming rooms and exquisite dining experience, Ca’ di Dio boasts a comprehensive range of luxury services. With its relaxation and rejuvenating treatments and an exclusive selection of aromatherapy massages, it is an oasis of peace for those seeking a moment of relaxation and regeneration of body and mind. Fitness enthusiasts will also enjoy the opportunity to keep fit during their stay thanks to the well-equipped gymnasium. The staff at Ca’ di Dio is highly qualified and always available to organize private tours and tailor-made experiences, making each stay unique and unforgettable.

Ca’ di Dio, territory and sustainability

At Ca’ di Dio, every detail is carefully considered to show respect for the city, nature, and people. The renovation project prioritized sustainability and involved substantial investments to install systems and infrastructure that would minimize environmental impact. In short, Ca’ Di Dio is the ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy Venice in style and luxury through a truly immersive experience of the history and beauty of this unique city.

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