Vinòforum 2024 brings haute cuisine to the Circus Maximus

Vinòforum 2024 brings haute cuisine to the Circus Maximus

Forty-five of the most renowned faces in the restaurant industry celebrate the food and wine culture of the entire Peninsula with exclusive The Night Dinner and Temporary Restaurant events. The event will take place at Rome's Circus Maximus.

Rome is all set for Vinòforum, the grand food and wine event (now in its eleventh edition) that has been transforming the capital into a stage for Italian gastronomic excellence for years. For the first time at the Circus Maximus, the dates to mark in red are from June 17 to 23: tastings, thematic focuses, and meetings with industry professionals will alternate with moments dedicated to haute cuisine and culinary traditions.

A blend of food, wine, beer, and spirits

This year, we have broadened our horizons, pairing food not only with wine but also with beer and spirits”, says Emiliano De Venuti, CEO of Vinòforum. “The goal is to create a unique event where the protagonists of the culinary, food production, and wine-making worlds meet, showcasing their expertise and offering the public unforgettable tasting experiences.

The Night Dinner: a culinary journey in the heart of Rome

The seven evenings of The Night Dinner, created in collaboration with major partners like Pastificio La Molisana and Hendrick’s Gin, will represent the leading protagonists. Seven notable chefs, including Pierluigi Gallo, Salvo Cravero, and Giampiero Cesarini, will interpret the theme “Culinary Narratives” telling the story and evolution of culinary tradition through their dishes. Music and pairings with Velier spirits, such as Hendrick’s Gin, Monkey Shoulder Whisky, and The Balvenie Whisky, will complete a 360-degree sensory experience.

Temporary restaurant: Roman tradition in four versions

In addition to gourmet dinners, Vinòforum will host the Temporary Restaurant, where 28 restaurants will offer dishes from Roman cuisine in four variations: gourmand, traditional, contemporary, and fusion. The kermesse will introduce a total of 56 culinary proposals over seven evenings.

In short, Vinòforum is confirmed as an unmissable event for lovers of good food and wine and a unique opportunity to discover the excellence of the Italian food and wine scene, experiencing unforgettable tasting moments.

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