The best new restaurant in Europe is Italian

The best new restaurant in Europe is Italian

Atelier Moessmer, a restaurant by Norbert Niederkofler located in South Tyrol, has been named the best new restaurant in Europe by the prestigious annual Opinionated About Dining (OAD) ranking.

This is an extraordinary victory, considering that Atelier Moessmer debuted directly with the attainment of Three Michelin Stars, a rare and significant event in the world of gastronomy.

The OAD ranking, based on the judgments of gourmet experts and opinion leaders, saw the Swedish restaurant Vyn in second place and the Spanish restaurant Txispa in third. In addition to Atelier Moessmer, Italy is well represented among the top 30: Grow in Albiate (14th), Trattoria Contemporanea (15th), Unforgettable (20th), Autem (23rd), Felix Lo Basso (27th), and Paolo Griffa at Caffè Nazionale (30th).

The success of Atelier Moessmer and other Italian restaurants in the OAD ranking is a testament to the ongoing excellence of Made in Italy in the world of gastronomy. Under the guidance of Norbert Niederkofler, Atelier Moessmer has reached a level of perfection that resonates not only nationally but also internationally, further solidifying Italy’s reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious culinary destinations.

The History of OAD

Opinionated About Dining started in 2004 as the personal blog of its founder, and in 2007, it evolved its voting system, transforming into a true ranking compiled through surveys. Today, OAD employs a panel of about 5,000 gastronomy enthusiasts known for their extensive travel and ability to contextualize reviews within broader contemporary gastronomic themes.

OAD’s methodology ensures that expert judgment has a greater impact on the survey results. Each voter’s score is assessed through a proprietary algorithm that considers the quantity and quality of restaurants visited, combined with other factors, to determine the weight of the vote in the final result. This system ensures an accurate and balanced evaluation, recognizing culinary excellence with a detailed and professional approach.

Alessandro Creta