Hidden beneath the surface of Città della Pieve: the Borgo di Giano Caves

Hidden beneath the surface of Città della Pieve: the Borgo di Giano Caves

Nestled 25 meters below the surface of Città della Pieve, in Umbria, lies the Borgo di Giano Caves, one of the region's best-kept secrets. For a culinary break, the nearby Molino49.

These fascinating caves, carved into the tuff rock during the Middle Ages, represent a treasure trove of history, culture, and mystery, offering visitors an unforgettable experience.

The Borgo di Giano Caves wind their way for about 70 meters, passing through three of the main streets of the medieval village. Their origins are uncertain, but it is believed that they have been used for various purposes over the centuries, including a quarry, a refuge during invasions, and even a pagan place of worship. One of the most interesting testimonies is the kiln where the renowned “coccio pievese” was fired, demonstrating the importance of craftsmanship in local culture.

A conservative restoration for a bright future

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the current management, the caves were finally reopened to the public in 2008, offering visitors the opportunity to explore this incredible historical heritage in complete safety.

Today, the Borgo di Giano Caves are open to the public for guided tours, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in an evocative and mysterious atmosphere. The illuminated path, equipped with metal walkways, leads through various caves and fascinating environments, such as the “Hall of Columns”, the “Bat Cave”, and the evocative “Wolf’s Hall”. During the visit, visitors can admire the fascinating rock formations, the result of millennia of erosion, and discover the stories and legends that lie hidden among the shadows of these ancient caves.

More than just an historical site: a place for events and culture

The Borgo di Giano Caves are not just a historical site of great charm, but also an ideal place to host evocative and unusual events. The unique atmosphere of these underground tunnels creates a perfect setting for wine and food tastings, concerts, theatrical performances, and art exhibitions.

A culinary break at Molino49

After an underground tour of Città della Pieve, it’s time to resurface and indulge in a delicious break. We head to the nearby Molino49, a modern and technologically avant-garde structure (both in furnishings and in the kitchen) that houses two restaurants (one gourmet, one more traditional) and a multifunctional space with a large bar counter, suitable for receptions, events, banquets or musical evenings.

An old mill, dating back to 1949, recovered and readapted to new needs while keeping the tradition and nature of the structure itself alive. In Città della Pieve, among the new developments in the food&beverage sector, we discover the reality of Molino49, a multifunctional structure created in an old city mill converted into a restaurant and bar.

Or rather, let’s say restaurants, as next to the space dedicated to fine dining (obtained by requalifying the old mill warehouse itself) for about a year there has also been a new hall (this one obtained inside the spaces where until 2000 the olives were broken) in which contemporaneity gives way to tradition, with a more easy-going cuisine proposal, linked to the dishes of Umbrian gastronomy. A proposal for everyone, in short: for those who are new to fine dining, for those looking for a “different” proposal, more refined and technical, and for those who instead want to enjoy traditional dishes, more closely linked to the territory they belong to.