Gala Italia 2024: a tribute to Italian culture in Munich

Gala Italia 2024: a tribute to Italian culture in Munich

The fourth edition of "Gala Italia" is a unique event, combining Italian symphonic music with late Renaissance painting, highlighting its high cultural value. Organized by the magazine "All about Italy", the platform dedicated to Italian excellence that promotes Made in Italy in the main international markets, the evening will take place on Thursday, 12 December 2024, in Munich.

The concert will take place at the prestigious Hercules Hall, located in the Munich Residence, an Italian historical and architectural hall built on Florentine Renaissance designs and capable of accommodating up to 1,450 people.

For the occasion, the Solemn Mass for Prince Esterházy (1811) by Luigi Cherubini (1760-1842) will be the musical setting for the representation of 25 Tableaux Vivants of paintings by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and other Italian painters, staged by an Italian theater group in an elegant show of music, scenes, lights, and chiaroscuro.

Luigi Cherubini’s excellent score, an avant-garde expression of refined Italian musical romanticism, includes an impressive ensemble: forty elements of the Philharmonischer Chor München (Professioneller Chor der Münchner Philharmoniker) considered by all to be one of the most prestigious choirs in Germany, thirty-five musicians of the Sinfonieorchester Münchner Bachsolisten, six soloists (two sopranos, one alto, two tenors and one bass) and seven actors of the Tableaux Vivants for a total of eighty-eight elements. The artistic director and conductor will be Maestro Annunziata De Paola, for five years permanent conductor of the Siemens Symphony Orchestra in Munich, with international professional experiences, ranging from “The Metropolitan Opera” in New York to the “Staatsoper Unter den Linden” in Berlin.

The previous editions of the Gala Italia have received acclaimed appreciation and recognition from Italian institutions, and, among all, it is worth mentioning the bronze Commemorative Medal conferred by the former President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano. The Gala Italia promotion will happen through a comprehensive advertising campaign, including billboards, Bavarian radio, and TV, as well as the engagement of influencers and bloggers.

The “Gala Italia” represents a unique opportunity to promote the culture and tradition of Made in Italy in an exclusive and historic location.

In the Gala Italia, internationally recognized Italian companies can find a sophisticated and valuable initiative to strengthen their image and increase brand awareness among a high-end audience. The evening allows companies interested in expanding their network in Germany to gain visibility through various sponsorship formats and to host dealers, top clients, partners, tour operators, institutional representatives, and the press, with the possibility of offering tickets for the concert, organizing tables during the exclusive dinner and creating ad hoc visibility spaces, amplified by the magazine “All about Italy” in its German version.

For more information, please visit the following link: All about Italy Gala Italia.